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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Of being adults and Christmas. Merry Ho Ho Ho.

I should probably end 2016 with a post. So here goes.

I am now a teacher, who own a car.  I am happy with my career because I got lots of holiday and I have salary every month. I am no longer that weeping sad poor lady who sits at home doing nothing. Now I can finally buy anything I want, give my mom money, buy anything my siblings want and contribute something at home. Yea, I know I sound pathetic and sad. But not anymore. HAHA.

So, this year’s Christmas was a fun one. Only because I got to hang out with my friends, and partying and drinking and and... As our usual routine every year, we went to Christmas Eve mass and this year, unfortunately, we were all separated. My parents got a seat in the church (because they went a little bit early) and my little sister and I was seated outside, for the first time! It was all good even though it felt a bit chilly outside. The weather was also good on the 24th. It was not raining and on 25th it rained on the afternoon. See, God is good all the time. At night, we went to Nano’s house to party. HAHA. It was a good celebration. The last time we were at Nano's house for celebration was Christmas 2013 if I’m not mistaken. This year, we all have jobs already so it kinda like reunion between the adults. Hmm…adults sangat. On 26th, I was called to Nano’s house again to “party”. This is my first time drinking baileys and tequila. And it’s a little bit sad because there were only Tata and me representing the 5sc1’09 ladies because the others all went back already. Yes, I mean you Ichel and Cter. WAHAHA. We party hard that night. Singing and dancing like we’re in the club. Cheers!

And that’s it for my Christmas celebration this year. Everyone will be going back to their respective area soon. Its only three days before New Year and four days till I go back to Nabawan and be a good teacher to my students. Sigh. But whatever it is, I thank God for everything that happened this year. My job, my life, my relationship. Above all, God is good and will never let you suffer. Amen.

Merry Christmas 2016! See you next Christmas post next year. 

Blessed Christmas 
~Miss Lya~xoxo

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The busiest week

You know you are F busy when you don’t even have enough sleep or whether you have eaten or not. 'cause when the busy-ness consume you, you will not feel hungry. true story.  I was so busy last week, I think I lost 2 kg. Which is good actually. I really need to lost weight, I’m getting fat. Mind you, not fat fat all over the body but nasty belly fat. The kind of fat that I hate.

I was involved in Sports day event as time keeper. In which I got sunburned because me no wearing some sunblock. Stupid me. The sports day was held in neighbouring school for two days and I was standing directly under the sun for two days. And in the afternoon, I had dancing practice for this PSKPP event until night. I was so busy from morning until night like a celebrity would. *tepis bahu* I even have exam paper to make, where got time man.

That dancing thingy was a one-time event I will never join again. Not that I hate it, but I am really not good in dancing that I hate myself more when I monitor myself dancing in a video. To think that we only have 4 days to memorize all the steps and being a first timer dancer, I feel so drained and emotionally exhausted. But luckily we won (and even though I made many mistakes, I dance pretty well, clap clap) and were to represent PEDALAMAN to state level BUT Dayana and me had to withdraw because of our personal problem. Although I feel a tad sad but thank God I can sleep in the afternoon again! Dancing is really not my thing. Maybe if we have like months to practice, then I will surely maybe think about joining again. One of the good thing that came out from joining this event was I met many new friends. Finally, I have new friends from other school. Ok, that sounds pathetic. 

Teacher Taya

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I am a Teacher

After six month of waiting and being a full time couch potato, I finally got hired! It was the best day of my life, the feeling when you got the surat tawaran, and then the penempatan, then the school you got posted to. It’s like the six month I got tired of waiting just gone, pooff, just like that.

So chronologically, I got the news about my pending interview result on 13th May (after being kept as simpanan for 5 months long that is), and then I got the penempatan news on 6th June and then the taklimat news on 10th June and then I went for taklimat at JPN Sabah on 13th June. So that’s one month of waiting. During the taklimat, we (210 TESL and 38 PAI) were given our surat penempatan sekolah by Puan Hajah Maimunah Binti Haji Suhaibul who is the Pengarah Pendidikan Sabah one by one. Yep one by one and that’s a name I need to remember.

We were also given taklimat about things that we need to know as a teacher, and honestly I don’t remember what was being said. All we want to know is which school we will be posted to and other things don’t matter. All my other close friends got Beluran and I got Nabawan! Which is one and a half hour from my hometown so that’s a plus. My parents always talk about me being posted to Nabawan so I guess their wish came true. I can come home during the weekend if want to. No more flight and two hours of journey to be back.

To all my fellow IPG mates who have not been posted yet, don’t worry, your time will come. We’ve waited this long, why not wait a little bit longer. To my IPG juniors, I don’t know what your future will be like. Most probably, the same fate as us. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it. If you got posted late, buatlah facebook group like us and in there, saling console and support each other like we did. United we stand! It’s all about unity guys.

Lastly, shout out to my friends who got posted to beluran, especially you santi HAHA, baik baik saja. Rajin2 isi egtukar. Yang naik boat, berhati-hati. And to all teachers who got pedalaman deep in the jungle, naik boat, hey at least you guys got more allowance.

And to my first school, I hope I will be okay there. Sk Kebu Baru Nabawan, here I come! 

Teacher Lya


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